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Over 30 Years of Business


TA Escrow has been representing companies and private clients for over a decade, and forming strong bonds and partnerships.

We believe that one of the key areas that we have invested both time and money into to aid our clients is the software package which has been designed to handle high volume transfers, together with providing up-to-date shareholders information as well as supporting our customers with a wealth of operating processes concerned to the transfer of securities.

Eliminate Fraud and Ensure Safety in Your Business Transactions


“Globally Minded”


“Courage to Go Deep”



Funds are held by us until both parties complete the agreed transaction



We oversee the transaction and assist involved parties in completing the transaction

Client Support

We work with our clients to ensure every transaction is completed

Easy Step by Step Process

We follow these easy steps to ensure that your transaction is completed with ease and peace of mind.

Step 1

The terms are commonly set by a third party law firm, contracted by the party whom is paying the sum held in escrow.

Step 2

The agreed amount is then paid into an escrow account.

Step 3

The exchange of goods, property or service is completed.

Step 4

The exchange is verified by involved parties and marked complete.

Step 5

Funds are released into the specific account and transaction is completed.

In addition to our Escrow Service we can assist you with Transfer Agent Services.

Restriction Removal

Have restrictions on your holding we can assist with the removal of them.

Registration Statements

Need to verify the company has filed a restriction statement. We can help.

Lost Share Certificates

Have you lost your share certificate or need an updated one. We can assist in contacting the company to help.

Still wondering exactly what escrow is and how it can benefit you?

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