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Our Background

TA Escrow has been representing companies and private clients for over a decade, and forming strong bonds and partnerships.

We believe that one of the key areas that we have invested both time and money into to aid our clients is the software package which has been designed to handle high volume transfers, together with providing up-to-date shareholders information as well as supporting our customers with a wealth of operating processes concerned to the transfer of securities.

The system regularly handles thousands of transactions daily, and for our client’s protection, TA Escrow carries $10,000,000 in insurance coverage.

Our system constantly checks that all our client’s securities are in balance and that any transactions can be made safely without any problems. The records and information of all our shareholders are updated on a daily basis, and that the information is backed up every day for added security.

Although we are highly pleased what we can do technically, we pride ourselves that our highly trained employees handle all transactions efficiently and correctly.

In an ever changing and complex business world, TA Escrow offer a highly competitive service whilst at the same time giving a highly professional, cost effective and innovative issuer service. Our services incorporate all channels that cover transparency including; internet, telephone and written to the actual investor throughout the whole process.

By using TA Escrow you can rest assured you have chosen the correct partner along with nearly one and a half thousand other clients.

Premier First Class Service

It does not matter if our clients require transfer of stock, proxy, inquiry or any other service, TA Escrow Limited assure our clients of professional, personalized, caring service at all times.

We act on your requirements and respond back to you accordingly, our representatives will return calls and inquiries with immediate and fast action. We constantly review and ask for feedback on how we deal with our clients face to face, and constantly review and update and problem areas.

Cost Saving Efficiencies

TA Escrow embrace technology and endeavor to reduce waste and costly process, such as paper, to reduce cost and for the environment. Our commitment to this technology, flexible payment plans and cost saving economies enables us to pass this price saving on to our clients. Added to TA Escrow Limited not being burdened with any significant overhead costs then our shareholders can rest assured they are not just getting the best possible service, but also at the best possible price.

Increased Networking Opportunities

Our carefully selected team have huge experience in the transfer agent business as well as a plethora of other related markets such as: investment banking, brokerage, investment banking and market making.

Our clients benefit from this wealth of broad knowledge because it has given us a more in depth market insight and a plethora of networking opportunities with hundreds of diverse contacts like brokers, bankers, accountants, attorneys and lenders.

Innovative Technology

TA Escrow embrace technology and fully utilize its benefits, our clients can access their accounts, view holdings and make updates online with a whole range of services available including: issuance requests, address updates and even manage proxy campaigns from beginning to the end.

Fast Turnaround Times

There have been several requests from regulators such as the SEC has pressed for time limits to be placed upon routine stock transfers of three business days.

This was partially responsible for TA Escrow adopting a one business day turnaround policy. Not just to comply with SEC but ensure our client’s investments had no negative impact from long process times.

We strive to make immediate turnarounds our policy and goal whether it is a stock transfer, issuance or any other requested process.

One Business Day Setup

We are able to expedite and set up the facility so it will not interrupt your trading business, there will be no interruptions to any services in your securities trading or trading.

Our agent will act fast and all your data will be in our systems within 24 hours and subsequently will guide you through every step of the setup process.